HP Pavilion 4SY34UA Laptop Review – Price & Specs

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  • Touchscreen display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Decent performance
  • Ample RAM
  • USB Type-C port is available


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Battery backup could have been better
  • HDD by-default for storage
  • Does not allow the addition of PCIe SSD
  • Does not have an FHD Display

Read HP Pavilion 4SY34UA laptop review and see the price. The HP Pavilion desktops and laptops are well known for their usefulness in a variety of situations.

This is further enhanced by a touch screen display, which is exactly what is offered by the notebook we have here.

This 15” laptop is a decent performer, and coming from a well-known brand, it is bound to be reliable. Use it as a student does, or like a professional would, and in either case, you’d notice this is a great machine.

The silver coloring gives it an elegant look, and by no means can this be called boring. There are certain things though that hold you back, like the absence of an SSD for storage, or the provisions to add one.

The hard drive does give you enough space but unfortunately isn’t the speedy kind.

Read more to find out whether this can be a laptop you have been looking for to fulfill your computing needs.

HP Pavilion 4SY34UA Laptop & Variants Price

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HP Pavilion 4SY34UA Laptop Review

HP Pavilion Touchscreen 15.6" Full HD IPS Notebook, Intel Core i7-8550U Processor, 24GB Memory: 16GB Intel Optane + 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, HD Wide FOV Webcam, B&O Play Audio, 2 Year Warranty Care Pa

Buy for: Good performance │ Touch supported display

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Beware of: Slightly Expensive│No SSD

Best Uses for: Accounting Students | Engineering students and other purposes


With the touch-screen display and a multi-functional USB Type-C port, this HP Pavilion laptop would be useful for most of your computing chores. But this is a device to choose if you have average and moderate needs, and nothing too special.

Design and Build

The Pavilion 15 4SY34UA is close to the other members of the family, and hence you see a familiar design.

This is a laptop with a 15.6” screen and weighs 1.85 Kgs.

Almost every other 15” laptop weighs around the same, so this is neither too easy nor too difficult to carry around.

The build is decent too, and again, nothing special about it.

The display can be operated by touch commands, as we said, and the bezels are moderate on either side.

Now other options have thinner bezels, but this too shouldn’t pose any major inconvenience.

Then comes the keyboard, below which you’d notice the “Pavilion” branding on the left side, while the B&O branding is on the right.

This is one with a numeric keyboard, so feel free to work with a lot of numbers.

This does reduce the size of the alphabet section, but even then, typing on it is convenient. The touchpad is rightly sized as well.


The laptop uses a power-efficient 8th gen Core i7 processor, which draws only about 15W of power on average.

This indeed helps the battery life and lets you work for long hours.

This is a quad-core CPU with 8 threads, so it can handle daily work and multi-tasking, no matter what your profession is.

The base clock rate is 1.8 GHz, but this can be increased to 4.0 GHz when needed.

The laptop can thus run multiple things at the same time, even if a few of them are heavy ones.

There is only so much the integrated Intel 620 is capable of, but the basic graphics requirements are well-handled.

Since this doesn’t have a dedicated GPU, we are ruling out any serious gaming possibilities.

You might be able to play a few popular games with lowered settings though, and most of the light ones would run on medium to high settings.

The display has only an HD resolution (1376 x 768p) and performs accordingly.

This is not calibrated that good for creative usage and is a standard HD screen.

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It is slightly disappointing that even though a user is to be spending such an amount, HP hasn’t provided an FHD display on this.

Windows 10 Home OS comes pre-installed in this Pavilion notebook.

Storage and RAM

This HP notebook comes with a hard drive that gives you enough space of 1 TB, along with the provisions to add external storage drives.

It doesn’t support a PCIe SSD, but you may replace the hard drive with a SATA SSD, which would improve storage responses.

There is however something known as Intel Optane storage, which means that the storage drive in the device won’t be as slow as any other mechanical hard drive.

The 16 MB of SSD cache may not be as good as a regular SSD itself but does improve the storage speed.

The Intel Optane memory does provide relief and in certain situations, is even faster than a PCIe SSD.

The RAM present in this is 8 GB in a single module, and you can add another one. The maximum memory support of the notebook is 16 GB.

This should let you work with a greater workload when needed, and a typical SODIMM RAM module shouldn’t cost you much either.

Ports and Connectivity

The laptop has got a few ports, which are all the needed ones. Check out Best Laptops for Accounting Students.

This includes 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, along with a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port, which has multiple functionalities like charging and display support.

There is also a dedicated HDMI port, so you may run a monitor through the laptop. A standard LAN port, an SD card reader, and a headphone/microphone port can also be found.

Next, you get both WIFI and Bluetooth present on this out of the box, so connecting to a wireless network and other devices is made easy.

The 802.11 ac WIFI and the Bluetooth 4.2 may not be the latest versions, but get the job done.

Battery Life

There is a 3-cell 41Wh Li-ion battery present that isn’t exceptional for a laptop like this but is ample power even if you travel.

The battery backup does depend on your usage, but on average you would find that it lasts 4+ hours on average.

Now workload, increased screen brightness and such are going to eat up the battery juice sooner.

Keeping them adjusted when not needed can be helpful. The games that you’d be able to play are not heavy ones, but can still lower battery levels.

So make sure to charge the device fully before a long day of usage.

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Additional Features

The users would be getting peripherals, along with a 45W AC power adapter with the laptop.

This is a standard power cable, so fast charging cannot be expected.

There is an HD webcam on this, and the quality of the inputs is decent. Video calls with colleagues and clients should be easy.

The speakers tuned by B&O are good as well, and although they won’t be able to provide a theater-like experience, watching movies and videos is still enjoyable.


What Do Users Think about HP Pavilion 4SY34UA?

The users of the HP Pavilion 4SY34UA seem to be satisfied with their purchase since most of them have provided positive feedback about it.

They were able to use it for a variety of purposes, and the device did not let them down.

The various features that the laptop has, like the touchscreen display, backlit keyboard, and a USB Type-C port, are all necessary ones.

So those who bought it were largely benefitted by these and using the wide display while work or entertainment was comfortable for them.

However, there are complaints regarding a few matters, the first of them being the storage.

There is only a hard drive present inside the machine, which is not bad regarding the amount of space it provides but is slow.

The good news is that, although not fast as an SSD all the time, the presence of the Optane memory was advantageous for them.

Next is the battery life, which is not that great. A bigger battery could have made a better impression, but this view is not the same for all of the buyers.

A majority of them were disappointed by the display quality, which is an HD resolution only.

All of the average needs were handled well, but nothing too special could be fulfilled by the laptop.

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