HP Pavilion 590 Desktop Review: Pros, Cons & More

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HP Pavilion 590 Desktop


Value for Money Score


Reliability Score


Performance Score


Specifications and Features Score


Design Score



  • Stunning Design
  • Perfect Storage
  • Good Processor
  • RAM Perfect
  • Games can be easily played


  • Becomes hot
  • One-year support is not enough
  • Bit pricey
  • Sometimes go thermal blackout
  • Wi-Fi Issues


Once you decide to purchase this HP workstation variant, you can make your own statement with its latest slim design and sleek profile without any compromise with the overall system performance. The device features a geometric pattern and a bold, brushed texture to blow your mind.

This mid range HP desktop is easily customizable to cater to your exact needs in future. However, it is not a gaming PC at all.

HP Pavilion 590 Desktop & Variants Price


Today we have cast a careful glance at the hardware configurations and technical attributes of HP Pavilion 590.

As the brand claims, this desktop’s depth has been reduced to some extent in order to beat its 2017 predecessor, providing you more space to suit any corporate environment.

The Pavilion 590 is thus having a space-saving structure and amazing design in natural silver colour to blow your mind.

As far as the technical features are concerned, the Pavilion 590 can be considered a corporate beast.

At the core of the desktop, you will find an 8th Gen six-core processor from Intel and an AMD Radeon graphics processor which jointly deliver the ultimate performance, you keep expecting from the desktop.

The AMD Radeon graphics card provides you the exact comfort to handle light photo/video editing, light gaming and more other creative tasks.

The storage configuration of the PC is also striking enough to manage your everyday workloads with ease.

The Pavilion 590 comes with 1TB SATA hard disk drive and 16GB DDR4 RAM to give you ample space for the security of your essential documents, media files, favourite videos etc.

The desktop is thoughtfully engineered with a generous array of ports and connectivity channels to suit your occasional needs.

HP Pavilion 590 Desktop

Buy for: Stunning design and perfect storage.

Beware of: Sometimes go thermal blackout and only one year support.

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Best uses for: Light gaming, students, shop owners and other purposes.

The alternatives:

Specs Details:

  • Brand: HP
  • Hard Drive: 1TB
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Hard Drive Type: Serial ATA-150
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 6-Core
  • Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 550
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 10.9 x 13.3 inches
  • Weight: 11.35 pounds
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro


As the brand and experts claim, the latest Pavilion desktop from HP is amazingly fast and reasonably priced.

HP Pavilion 590 Exterior View

With an efficient Hexa-Core Intel processor, the new Pavilion desktop from HP enables you to multitask at great speed and explore your domain of creativity with much comfort.

Modern users always look for an all-in-one desktop that will offer high-end performance and so the streamlined Pavilion desktop variants can be one of the ideal options to handle plenty of official workloads during each and every hour.

If you want to edit photo or video or enjoy online gaming, a Pavilion desktop PC would be a better choice than the HP Pavilion laptop variants.

Most of the HP Pavilion desktop models are well equipped with Hexa-Core i5 CPU and Optane flash memory from Intel to deliver relatively faster performance than other HP variants.

The systems are also the mid-ranged powerhouse to motivate you in working on the device for multiple hours.


The Pavilion 590 is packed with uncompromising processor to support your day to day intensive workloads and various creative tasks at times.

The 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8400 hexa core chipset lies at the core of the system hardware. The CPU works at the minimal speed of 2.8GHz which can be maximized up to turbo boost 4GHz as well.

Such improved Intel Core chipset delivers amazing performance without any noticeable lag even when you throw heavy workloads at the desktop.

The Pavilion 590 is graphically rich to a great extent. As a result, it becomes an ideal workstation to transform your mood anytime, enabling you to enjoy watching your favourite movies, streaming hot videos, light online gaming titles etc.

The desktop houses AMD Radeon 550 graphics card which is having 2GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory.

In terms of functionality, the graphics card holds the capacity to overpower other models in its class.

It can manage several multimedia activities and light gaming titles without any hassle.

Such streamlined configuration of CPU and GPU has turned the desktop into a multimedia specialist workstation to give a way to your creative explorations.


HP Pavilion 590 offers you three different colour choices to suit your desire. The currently discussed HP desktop variant comes in natural silver colour to appear incredibly stylish and pleasing to the eye.

At the same time, the entire system has got a space-saving design, measuring about 6.7 x 10.9 x 13.3 inches.

It has an appreciable tower like design along with vertically mounted CD/DVD drive, dual USB ports, an audio jack, and power button on the front.

HP Pavilion 590 Front View

Such a corporate appearance of this HP workstation is truly able to steal your heart just at first look.

Moreover, the chassis as well as the entire build is highly powerful to survive any minor strokes or spillage of liquid for several years.


Storage configuration of the Pavilion 590 contains 16GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB SATA hard disk drive to contribute to the fast and unprecedented performance of the device.

The Intel Core i5 chipset in the desktop is coupled with such huge size of DDR4 SDRAM Memory to assure lag-free performance and fluid multitasking convenience all the time.

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HP Pavilion 590 RAM

The RAM size is undeniably more than sufficient for the price and such bigger size of RAM allows you to work conveniently on the desktop device with a number of web browsers or heavy software open without any occasional lag or sudden interruption.

The Pavilion 590 provides huge space to store your media files, favourite games, songs, movies or high resolution videos. The desktop features 1TB HDD or hard disk drive which holds an impressive transfer rate.

Much of its storage space is occupied by the operating system – Windows 10 Home, which is the latest version of OS to support various trendy Google features.

The HDD with the capacity of 72000 RPM works well to positively impact the overall desktop performance.

Additional Features

Connectivity: Ports and I/O connectivity slots are the integral part of any desktop. HP Pavilion 590 is a home to varied essential ports and connectivity channels to facilitate your day to day requirements of file transfer and more comfortable jobs.

On this ground, you can reckon this HP workstation a perfect choice for any business or simple home office as well.

Graphics Connectivity: The rear panel of the desktop holds dual USB 2.0 ports, a VGA Output port, 4 USB 3.1 ports and an HDMI Output for integrated graphics.

HP Pavilion 590 Back Ports

You will also find audio input/output on its back to support 5.1 surround sound. On the other hand, the PC consists of a single USB 3.1-Type C port, dual USB 3.1-Type A ports and a headset jack.

Keyboard & Mouse: The desktop comes with a suitable USB keyboard and an USB Optical mouse to facilitate your day-to-day activities with absolute comfort and convenience.

HP Pavilion 590 Keyboard and Mouse

The keyboard offers excellent key travel to improve your typing speed and have your daily work done on time. The optical mouse also works efficiently to assist you in fantastic photo/video editing, listening to music or streaming popular videos.

As A Workstation

The Pavilion 590 may be deemed as a high-end workstation, but it has much other exclusiveness to offer.

The desktop enables you to experience remarkable gaming performance, impeccably edit and share videos, and enjoy extraordinary Ultra HD 4K entertainment at times whenever you feel boring during recess.

The combination of latest graphics and advanced processor present in the desktop makes your several activities faster and easier than before.

It truly seen that with the help of this powerful processor you can now make your work much easier and lucrative.

There is no doubt that the Intel Core i5-8400 6-Core processor; with 8th generation talent, it is simply giving you a thrust in every single way.

With SATA Hard Drive 1TB 72000-RPM storage space, it can definitely promise you in giving the best options for everyone. Now you are free to store any and every kinds of data.

Be it the images, files, documents, videos and even games. It is definitely a good choice. You can definitely go for different aspects that are really fruitful as the workstation.

Yes, it’s true that there are some underlying issues like its goes very hot with time, hard disk show some issues with time.

Nevertheless, if you see that there are some of the options to find for safe maintenance then it will be easy for you to you make a brighter aspect.

HP gives support until one year and within that, every issue gets resolved so quickly.

One can definitely have this desktop which is no doubt giving you are better up gradation from every angle. Even if there are issues, it can be easily customized from every angle. You can definitely boost in this model.

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Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac 2 x 2 Wireless is also meant for aspect that is much more progressive. It supports Latest high definition display features when attached to the monitor.

All the ports are being used in such a way so that you can get a perfect compatibility range from every single way.

All the additional features are even making it much more lucrative for the buyers. Whether you select it or not as your workstation, it definitely gives you, a maxim thrust.

What Do Users Think?

According to our survey of users, we complied this data. HP Pavilion 590 has got miscellaneous responses and reviews from the users of several categories.

According to many, it is undeniably a great desktop. With the help of a powerful graphics processor, the PC is able to entertain you to the fullest.

It allows the users to stay engaged in light gaming at speedy rate, watching movies, streaming on-trend videos and other means of entertainment with utmost comfort.

On the contrary, a large number of users have lodged several complaints online about this Pavilion desktop variant. It can pose serious problems related to Windows 10 Home operating system.

This latest edition of OS does not enable the user to set updates to manual on the desktop. Besides, AMD Radeon graphics card can have noticeable compatibility issues with Windows 10 OS.

Another important thing to notice on the Pavilion 590 is that unlike other desktop models, this specific HP variant features a vertically mounted CD/DVD drive.

Such position of CD/DVD drive may sometimes cause the disc mounting issues and also that of extracting the disc from the PC. Check out HP Pavilion 590 User Guide.

Our Testing & Analysis Report

Our technical team tested the processor of the HP Pavilion 590 desktop on different benchmarks and found that its single-core and multi-core performance are quite good.

However, with an average bench score of nearly 50%, it is nothing exceptional to handle high-end computing tasks and games.

We found that the Core i5 processor of this machine gets adequate support from the RAM and handles the office applications we performed on it with multiple tabs open at the same time along with checking emails, web browsing, and other office work.

We also tried doing some content creation jobs and running photo editing software. It handled them quite satisfactorily as long as everything was confined within the basic to moderate range.

The GPU, according to the 3D Mark benchmark test, could attain no more than 5 fps while we tried watching Full HD movies and playing high end games. With such low frame rate, we quite naturally experienced significant lags and slowdowns.

To test the gaming capabilities of the desktop, we tried playing some games on it. We found that the CPU and GPU of the system could handle games like GTA 5 at lowest settings.

We also found that it did not meet the system requirements of Fortnite and thereby allowed us to play the game at a lower setting. We had to do the same while playing other games such as Apex Legends.

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