Lenovo 130S Laptop Review: Specs, Pros, Cons & More


If you are looking to buy a good and reliable Laptop computer which is quite affordable and has the standard configurations of any modern laptop, this Lenovo 130S is a great buy and a true value for the money you will invest in it.

Lenovo 130S Laptop & Variants Price


Lenovo 130S Laptop

In terms of reliability with the Lenovo 130S Laptop computer, you can be sure that you would get a standard Laptop Computer with some good features at a rather affordable price.

Lenovo has been a brand which has been well known for delivering some very innovative computers and this Laptop computer is one which is in line with the reputation of the brand offers good quality which you can trust.

Buy For: Affordable price |Innovative computers

Beware Of: Low Storage

Design & Build

Much like any other standard laptop computer this laptop has a standard design and build.

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In terms of its design and build it a laptop which has a rather attractive look and at the same time is one which is quite sturdy as well.

What is also great about its design is that with the 11, 6 inches HD Display you can expect to have crystal clear images as well.

What is best about the design is that it has been done in a way that is built to last.


Performance-wise you can expect this Lenovo laptop to deliver the best. If you are looking for an affordable laptop then this laptop would be a true value for your money since it has been designed to last long.

It has a superb 11.6 Inches HD display with the standard resolution which delivers clear images. It also has an energy-efficient LED Backlight as well.

The laptop has UHD Graphics 600. With Windows 10 as the Operating System, its performance further gets enhanced.

This Laptop computer has the 64 GB e MMC Flash Memory for its storage, which is quite decent.

Apart from this in terms of RAM, it has the 4GB RAM, which is the standard configuration in the current web scenario.



1. Intel Celeron N4000 is a basic level dual-core processor. According to the experts of UserBenchmark, 27.6% is the average bench score of this chip. Among 1358 processors of this kind, this Intel chip has occupied 1300th rank; this is based on its performance.

From a gaming perspective, this GPU has got a bench score of 28%. This is 35 and 20 for desktops and workstations, respectively. So these are very poor scores and the users can’t expect very high-end processing from this kind of processor.

This is a very basic-level processor and is only found in some budget-friendly, casual, basic-level laptops. This processor is only suitable to process some basic multitasking; if you try to process any high-end data then you can see some lagging or hanging issues.

2. We all know that Geekbench 5 is one of the most popular benchmarking scales of this time. On this scale, we can find two types of scores that indicate the processor’s performing capability with single core and multicore.

The Intel Celeron N4000 has a single core score of 389 and this is 689 for multi-core. These scores are very low. The performing capability of this processor is very low. But, it is good enough to process some basic level multi-tasking tasks.

3. Another reputed benchmarking website is CPU Benchmarks. According to this website, the Intel Celeron N4000 has an average CPU mark of 1411. The single-thread rating of this processor is 1030.

Based on the analysis of 594 samples, this processor has got an overall score of 2555. These scores are not very promising. This is a very low-end processor and the users will not get very speedy processing from this Intel chip.

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1. The Intel UHD Graphics 600 is a very common integrated graphics processor of Intel’s Gemini Lake chip. According to Videocard Benchmarks, the Intel UHD Graphics 600 has an average G3D mark of 328. 97 is its G2D mark.

And 1478 is its overall score. This integrated graphics chip is not a very powerful graphical unit. It can handle some basic-level graphical content. It is good enough for media playback and other daily computing tasks but it is unable to process HD games.

For the lack of sufficient graphical power, this laptop can’t be used for any video editing purpose.

2. UserBenchmark, another well-known benchmarking site has given the Intel UHD Graphics 600, an average bench score of 1.54%. Among 684 GPUs of this kind, this integrated graphics card has ranked 540th position.

These are very poor scores and this integrated GPU is not good enough for gaming purposes; even it is not suitable for editing purposes too.

RAM and Storage

Lenovo 130S is light on both storage and RAM and it cannot be compared to any other laptop or desktop computer regarding this.

It has a 64 GB eMMC storage that is faster than a usual hard drive. But it is not as fast as an SSD.

The only way you can increase the storage is through an SD card.

The RAM you get on this is of 4 GB DDR3 type. Check out best laptop brands.

It can be increased to a maximum of 8 GB, but given the other specs, we don’t think it would make a difference in the performance.

Ports & Connectivity

In terms of Ports, this Laptop has 2 USB 3.0 Ports and also 1 3.1Type C USB Port as well.

It also has the Micro SD Card Reader which is quite useful. You also have the Audio Jack Port.

Connectivity to this Laptop can be made over Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery Life

Lenovo has claimed that after a full charge the battery in the device should last a maximum of 8 hours, but we seriously doubt it.

In your usual usage you may expect around 5 hours of battery backup give or take, and this is not that bad.

Given the light profile, carrying an adapter shouldn’t be a problem but we insist you to plug the device on power for sometime before going out with it just to be on the safer side, and it should last throughout the day.

Additional Features

As a part of the Additional Features, users have Windows 10 in S Mode. Check out Lenovo 130S Laptop Manual.

You also have an Office 365 1 year Subscription included here. These features are really making worthy.

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Specs Details:

What Do Users Think about Lenovo 130S Laptop?

The users who bought the device were impressed by its small size, good display, and feathery mass but performance-wise it is not that good.

Many have complained it to be slow and multitasking is thus much restricted.

Since the CPU doesn’t consume much power, the battery life was decent. But the general sturdiness of the laptop is questionable.

The limited storage and absence of touchscreen features are some of the flaws that the users found.

But since it is available at a cheap price, the users weren’t completely unsatisfied and those who had casual computing requirements were content.

Questions & Answers:

Is the Lenovo 130S a good laptop?

If you are in search of an affordable laptop then you can consider this device. Else, this basic level laptop doesn't have very updated configurations for which it is unable to deliver good speedy processing.

Does the Lenovo 130S possess a touch screen?

The Lenovo 130S comes with a regular non-touch display panel.

Does the Lenovo 130S come with any graphics card?

Intel UHD Graphics 600 is the integrated graphics card of this laptop.

Is the Lenovo 130S a good choice for gaming purposes?

This is a basic laptop, equipped with some low-end specifications. Neither it is equipped with an updated processor, nor does this device have any dedicated GPU.

So this is not one of the best options for gaming purposes. But casual games like Minecraft or GTA Vice City, serious sam 2, etc can be played on it easily.

Does the keyboard of the Lenovo 130S have backlit light?

No, there is a regular keyboard; no backlit keyboard.

What is the average battery life of the Lenovo 130S?

The average battery life of the Lenovo 130S is 5 to 6 hours with moderate workloads. It can differ with different types of workloads and display brightness.

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