Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Review – Price & Specs

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  • Lightweight
  • Touchscreen
  • Tablet-like
  • Better camera and audio
  • Better battery life


  • Keyboard not included with the device
  • Accessories bought separately and expensive
  • No HDMI or Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Components could have been better
  • Low end processor

Read Microsoft Surface Go laptop review and see the price. A laptop that is lightweight as well as comes with a better battery life makes a system reliable in one go.

That is why this laptop is also known as an ultra-portable laptop, it is even adjustable and is very versatile and is one of the better alternatives of laptops within its range.

It is the Microsoft Surface Go. The plus point which makes the laptop even more efficient and reliable is the weight of this laptop.

From the software to the other components of the Microsoft Surface Go is very reliable and good, this machine is one of the top laptops among the window laptops.

The Microsoft Surface Go is also a surface device. It consists of a lot of good and bad features.

It is a small and compact device but it is very suitable and can be used for many tasks, it is not a high-end professional laptop but this laptop can perform tasks like regular ones.

It cannot handle the intensive workload because it is not meant for that but can handle basic workloads. A laptop that is secure as well as suitable for office use.

Like Skype and others, the camera and the additional features also stand out and are very efficient in this laptop. Making the whole laptop generally reliable in shot.

This laptop is a sleek, portable, and very formally designed laptop which can also be used as a tablet. Check out most trust worthy laptop brands.

These features make the laptop reliable in one go, it is also affordable and also promises better performance and speed provided by the device.

Microsoft Surface Go Laptop & Variants Price

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Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Review

Microsoft Surface Go Laptop

Buy for: Touch screen, portable and lightweight, better battery life.

Beware of: Keyboard not included, accessories expensive and bought separately.

Best Uses for: Elementary school students, normal use, home use and other purposes.

Best Alternatives: Lenovo Flex 5, HP Pavilion x360


The Microsoft Surface Go is a very reliable and efficient laptop with all the other better components. Which is convenient and portable, it is even easy to carry from one place to another. And can also be used as a tablet. The device is even touch screen and the other components of this laptop can handle basic workload also.

Design and Build

The Microsoft Surface Go is known for its versatility and is wildly adjustable. It is ultra-portable as well it comes in a very discreet design and suitable for corporate as well as daily tasks since it is a lightweight laptop.

This system weighs up to 1.15 lbs and is very portable because of the small size, this device is compact and well designed for proper portability.

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The design of this laptop is even student-friendly and the format of the design is the same as the other laptops of Microsoft.

But the new inclusion like the rounded edges makes the laptop look much better. The laptop comes with a silver exterior cover like all other corporate and student-friendly laptops.

This laptop comes with an attachable keyboard making it more portable and tablet-like. This laptop cover is foldable and the screen is a touch screen with a better option for other users.

Many users prefer a laptop which can be also used as a tablet and the Microsoft Surface Go is just for them. This means it functions like other tablets and can be kept on the table or any place.

As a tablet, the screen size is small and compact and it is 10 inches. And the screen resolution is 1800 x 1200 pixels.

This laptop is efficient for daily tasks and it gives the laptop the experience as well as the portability of the tablet. The whole design of this laptop is sturdy and classy.

It is not only a touch screen but it can be written on with a pen. It is also where multitasking is possible by the user.

The display is quite sharp for its size and is reliable. The laptop consists of a better display for the weight, as well as its size.

The screen of the Microsoft Surface Go is quite good, it is not that high-end, it is efficient for its size and its price.

It is not that expensive but overall the Microsoft Surface Go is a reliable and efficient laptop for daily and office use.


This device is not meant for gaming or performing high intensive tasks. The Microsoft Surface Go comes with three variants varying in the context of other major components.

All three variants consist of the same processor which is an integrated processor. This device consists of Intel Pentium gold 4415Y processor and the number of cores present in this processor is two.

The processor speed is 1.6 GHz. The processor becomes slow at times but is manageable and multitasking is possible.

The Microsoft Surface Go consists of integrated graphics the machine comes with an Intel HD graphics 6.15, which is suitable for a laptop which can also be used as a tablet.

This is efficient and users can utilize this machine for daily and other non-professional use. This machine consists of a Windows 10 Pro operating system or OS.

This machine works on Windows 10 in S mode also this works exclusively on apps from Microsoft store within Windows this is done for files and applications, the user wants to be secure and protected.

Even the performance provided lasts long, therefore, the performance and the speed of the Microsoft Surface Go are suitable for its components and are very secure.

RAM & Storage

The main difference between the variants of this Microsoft Surface Go is the RAM and storage. The difference is quite prominent between the variants.

The first variant comes with an 8 GB RAM and the storage of the machine is 128 GB. The storage in this device is in SSD or the solid state drive, which is very efficient and light making it portable.

The next is the 4GB RAM variant which consists of 64GB storage and it also consists of SSD (Solid State Drive).

The last variant also consists of 64GB but the storage of this machine is different. The storage of this machine is 128 GB SSD.

All three variants consist of SSD or solid state drive. Which makes the machine work properly and is very easy to move.

Because this machine is an ultraportable, lightweight machine. The components, especially the memory, are selected keeping in mind the weight of the laptop.

Ports & Connectivity

The Microsoft Surface Go consists of ports that are used for multitasking and fast charging.

This device consists of ports like the USB or (Universal Serial Bus) C-type port, headphone jack port which is used to connect the microphone or the user’s headset or speakers.

It also consists of a surface connect port that helps in proper function of the laptop when connected to an external device.

This machine also consists of a micro SD card reader which is very efficient for many users.

It is used for the ones who utilize a laptop for the daily purpose to transfer files, the SD card reader works very efficiently for users like this.

And the SD card reader is also compatible with the surface dial of screen interaction. Also consists of a DC input port which helps in supplying power to the laptop.

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The first two variants consist of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802.11abg). But the 8 GB variant consists of only Wi-Fi. The wireless connectivity is Wi-Fi (802.11abg).

The ports are very less and present on the two sides of the screen where the keyboard does not consist of any ports since it is an attachable keyboard.

Therefore, this device consists of fewer ports attached on the two sides of the screen and it may be quite disappointing for many users who required more ports for proper computing.

Battery Life

The system or the Microsoft Surface Go is battery powered. This device comes with 1 Lithium Polymer battery, promising better battery life.

The battery life is another plus feature of this system. The battery life can be up to 9 hours of video playback when unplugged.

That means the user can use the laptop for 9 hours without charging. But the usage by the user can vary and therefore the battery light can also vary.

Because of the better features which suit the laptop battery life is very efficient and suitable for a laptop like this many users.

And the requirement for very be it a heavy or intensive tasks user or normal daily light task user the device is suitable but the battery life may vary from one user to another.

Lastly, this machine is very efficient, and is it well suitable for its components backing good battery life.

Additional Features

This system is only efficient for normal users but is also student-friendly. It also consists of your other additional features which are as good as the other important components present in this laptop.

The first feature which stands out and makes this system efficient and reliable is the camera. In this system, the camera is quite efficient and reliable.

The camera is attached to the laptop and since it is a laptop and a tablet, which is a two in one machine. The color contrast as well as the other camera features are also very efficient and are clear.

And it consists of a webcam which also makes the laptop secure. The camera comes with a 5 megapixels front-facing camera which is used for face authentication and this is done by Windows Hello.

It is also secure and it has a 1080p Skype HD video and the back camera on the camera is of 8 megapixels. It is also an autofocus camera and consists of a 1080p HD video.

This component makes this laptop very reliable and secure for users, students, and even office users. The other feature is the audio. Many laptops do not provide a better audio experience.

It becomes very disappointing for many users. It is because they expect the audio to be something better just like the camera and the other component.

But the Microsoft Surface Go’s audio is efficient and reliable, it comes with an impressive audio volume present in the device. Since it is a versatile system, the audio performance is quite good.

Even in a compact and small size, the laptop provides a very good audio system. This laptop can also be used as a tablet and it also has multiple modes.

These modes make it very convenient for the user to use it without a keyboard. It comes with three modes that can be interchanged to use whenever required by the user.

The first mode is the laptop mode which can be used as a laptop attaching a keyboard to it, adjusting the built-in kickstand, and adding a removable surface signature type cover.

The next is the studio mode which can be used for writing and drawing on the tablet with a surface pen. And lastly, the tablet mode which also can be used as a tablet can be closed, removed, and attached.

And one can even use the cover as a stand. The stand-alone tablet which can be taken from one place to another. All three modes of this Microsoft Surface Go are very portable and light and these modes are quite efficient.

The Microsoft Surface pen can be used for drawing, writing, and other purposes on this laptop. It has attachable additional features or additional components like the keyboard, the surface pen, the surface mobile mouse.

The additional components are also provided or used on the laptop for better convenience by the user.

The only disappointing and the only problematic thing about this device is that the additional features or other additional components.

Like the keyboard, the surface pen and the surface mobile mouse do not come with the laptop.

The other components can be purchased externally which can cause the whole device with the tablet and the other components become very expensive for the user to purchase.

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That so many users only go for the laptop or sometimes opt for the tablet mode. Regardless of all problems the additional features of this laptop are not that disappointing and are not that high end too.

But it can be used efficiently and can be reliable and secure of the user.


  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Screen: 10 Inches
  • Display: Touchscreen (1800×1200)
  • Storage: 128GB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage Type: SSD
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615
  • Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.9 x 0.3 inches
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

What Do Users Think About Microsoft Surface Go?

This machine according to many users has been a very portable and very efficient machine. But for many users it has also been a bad experience.

This machine can be used as a laptop, tablet, or even as studio mode. But whichever mode one opts for.

The user has to purchase a surface pen for its convenience which is an external accessory and an additional charge.

Making the whole machine expensive. After many reviews by the daily or the regular users, the normal users, students, and other users this device comes with good and bad reviews and feedback about the whole machine altogether.

This machine is also one of the top compact window tablets and laptops which can be purchased by the user.

It is also very far more versatile which made users purchase this machine for its better operating system and better alternative for many other Windows tablets and laptops.

This machine is a very neat device and the hardware is very focused and better. Since it is a laptop and a tablet device Microsoft has made the whole device properly for many users.

Making it open to many users, therefore, the utilization of this laptop is done by many around the world. It is smaller and it is compact and plus the portable size.

The laptop consists of many positive feedbacks than the disappointments faced by the users. The small display size but a better camera, audio system, battery life, and other components make this whole device a yes to many users.

Another reason why many users go for this laptop is because of the touchscreen provided by the laptop.

It is like a secondary personal computer which does not need a lot of changes, it consists of better performance and can be very comfortable and fast.

But regardless of all the good points, it is very expensive when the additional features are added to it.

The additional components like the keyboard, the surface pen, the mobile mouse. These components make the device expensive when bought all together, this is all because all the accessories are not included with the screen.

This also makes it a bit less powerful than the other better alternative and this is a major disappointment for many users.

Many performances could have been better as reviewed or given feedback by many users because this laptop can provide much better components and features for better functioning and computing.

Overall, this laptop which can also be used as a tablet is a portable, secure, and a better computing device for many users who have found this device as convenient and easy.

Apart from the additional charges or accessories provided the device is not a bad option and it is one of the better alternatives for many expensive laptops and tablets.

But the Microsoft Surface Go is a good device for many users who prefer daily and regular use, performing light tasks, and even students.

The focus on a few components should have been given which would have made this laptop a much better alternative for high-end laptops which can also be used as tablets.

Other Expert Views

The Microsoft Surface Go by PCMag is a laptop which provides better computing, it has a longer battery life and the solid work for home devices and also consists of a larger display.

TechRadar reviews the Microsoft Surface Go as a 10-inch tablet. This device is very niche and contains a better operating system, Windows 10. Which gives the user a better experience.

LaptopMag reviews the Microsoft Surface Go as a close to perfect laptop. Because it is a laptop and a tablet it consists of a better display and is secure. The 10-inch display of this person may be small but it offers a better visual experience.

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