ACEPC AK1 Mini PC Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • Unmatched value
  • USB Type-c port
  • Useful connectivity
  • A refreshed design
  • A perfect technology


  • Expansion is an issue
  • There might be a storage issue
  • External HDD
  • Not so much available
  • Some Hardware issues

It is true that if you plan to buy any computer no matter how high or low it costs, reliability is, of course, a key factor. Check out ACEPC AK1 Mini PC Review & Best Price.

When it comes to the ACEPC AK1 Mini PC you can be sure that it has a lot in common with the more renowned HP Slice Elite Computer, but at the same time, it costs a whole lot less.

Thus in terms of features, you can expect a lot in common. The good thing about this mini PC is that it offers great versatility, is quite fast for the standard computing jobs and also offers great expand ability options as well.

ACEPC AK1 Mini PC & Variants Price

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ACEPC AK1 Mini PC Review by Expert


Buy For: Unmatched value | USB Type-c port

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Beware Of: External HDD in design


Given the many features that this Mini PC offers and that too at the most reasonable price, it is a definite buy if you are looking for true value for your money. Though to be honest the expansions and upgrading process is difficult.

Design & Build

This Mini PC has a smart design, which makes it very compact and thus is easy to keep in any small space.

On the other hand, it is also something which is very sturdy as well. Thus in terms of design and build it delivers unmatched value for what you would invest in it.


In terms of performance too this Mini PC is one where you can expect the very best. It is powered by the Intel Celeron Apollo Lake J3455 Processor up to 2.3 GHz which helps it generate great speeds.

Apart from this connectivity too is no problem as it has the latest wireless connectivity which helps it deliver top-class performance.

Besides this, it also has the 4GB DDR3 RAM and the 64 GB eMMC Storage which could have been a bit better.

However, given that this is a Mini PC is quite acceptable. Given all the configurations this Mini PC is just about right basic computing and multimedia applications.

Ports & Connectivity

For connectivity, this Mini PC has been provided with the latest Wireless Connectivity with the 802.11 AC Dual-Band 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi which enables it offers speeds up to 450 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

It also has a sufficient number of USB ports and other ports for plugging in a different type of essential input devices.

Additional Features

As the additional features, this Mini PC offers the Double Screen Display which would help you to boost your productivity.

Apart from this it also offers the Intel HD Graphics as well for a great display. Check out HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation Review.

Specs Details:

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What Do Users Think about ACEPC AK1 Mini PC?

The users of the AcePc ak1 mini pc have mostly shared positive views about it, though there are some negative reviews present.

They primarily like the fast operation which the device provides and of course it’s small size.

They have felt that it is decent at handling day-to-day tasks that they have done, for example, web surfing, watching videos and even slight gaming.

Certain other factors like dual monitor(along with 4K) support, inbuilt wifi, and Bluetooth along with a good amount of RAM are some other reasons why the users thought that investing in it was worth it.

A matter that depends on individual viewpoint is that the storage capacity of the product is very low, although an external hard disk or an SSD can be added.

While for some this was very convenient, others found it annoying to have to carry an extra device for storage all the time.

This means that an extra cost needs to be added to buy an SSD or HDD on top of the price of the product if you want to store lots of files and movies in it.

Then, there is the problem of a constant fan noise that comes from the device no matter if you are doing simple or heavy tasks on it.

Other Expert Views

The experts at Tech Radar found that the appearance of the AcePc Ak1 is highly similar to specific products of renowned brands like HP and Acer although the price tag is what sets it apart. They expected it to be a bit smaller and say that there are some issues regarding the design that could have been improved. Then, the RAM cannot be upgraded since it is permanently attached, which according to them is a flaw. They were disturbed by the fan noise as well. They think it is a satisfactory product but nothing out of the ordinary and there were some changes needed. As alternate options, they suggest the buyers look at the Beelink M1, Kodlix N42, and Vorke V1 and V1 plus models.

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It is the opinion of the experts at Digital Weekly that although the design of this device bears similarity to the HP Slice Elite, it is far more value for money unit because of the affordable price tag and good storage options. They think that has all the good features alongside a good number of ports and the convenience of adding larger storage when/if required and that is why it should attract a large number of buyers. The external hard disk bay is a problem, but since it can be removed it should not be a big issue. They particularly like its ability to be used for a variety of different purposes like an everyday PC to a media player. But gaming is not at all comfortable in it. They think that whatever the PC is offering is justified as far its price is concerned. Yet, if one needs better performing mini PCs, there are the HP Slice Elite and Intel NUC6i7KYK Mini PC.

The experts of Media Player Reviews have used the product and found that it provides a smooth enough experience when a user does his everyday work. They prefer it especially because it works as a brilliant portable multimedia storehouse. The Windows OS support is also an advantage and as there have been improvements over the older models, it is now one to be considered when a mini PC is needed. The low price tag, stable performance and the scope of expanding it are other reasons why a buyer should be choosing it.

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