Asus ChromeBox 4 Review – Pros, Cons, Features

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  • This device is very compact.
  • In comparison to its rivals, its performance is quite fast.
  • It can run almost silently.
  • Up to 3 display units can be connected with this product.
  • Having a VESA mount, it can easily be installed.


  • Shortage of storage is a great issue with this device.
  • This PC is not made for high-end uses.
  • The cooling ability of this device is not very advanced.
  • Limited upgrade facility is another drawback of this product.
  • No optical drive in this compact device.

Read Asus ChromeBox 4 review details. In the universe of computers, rapid changes are very common. As the computers are getting updated from time to time, their ways of using are also changing.

For example, a few years ago it was very hard to think about an online storage drive. But now we have plenty of online drives.

Various online tools make our lifestyle better. Chrome OS is such an online tool and if you observe the market very attentively then you can find that the uses of Chrome OS have increased a lot in the last few years.

Chrome books and Chromebooks are the only options where you can use this operating system. Asus Chromebox 4 comes with the latest version of this Google operating system.

It is not fair to think that this operating system is weaker than Windows or Mac OS.

These days, this Google operating system is equally powerful and if you use this product at the office then you can find some more convenient options in it.

As an international PC manufacturer, Asus has a huge customer base. Earlier, it had already launched three versions of Chromebox.

And almost three years after launching Chromebox 3, the company has launched Chromebox 4 with significantly updated features.

This is a lightweight, heavy performing, moderately configured, compact PC which is available at a very comprehensive price.

Asus ChromeBox 4 & Variants Price

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Asus ChromeBox 4 Review

Asus ChromeBox 4

Buy for: By attaching a decent monitor with this device the user can enjoy 4K videos very smoothly. We can upgrade the RAM capacity of the product to enhance its productivity. The users will get the updates of this device till 2028.

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Beware of: Limited upgrade options are a great issue with this product. The higher variance of this device is very costly. The users will have to purchase all the input or output devices, monitors externally.

Best uses for: Teenagers and other purposes.


This Chromebox 4 is packed with updated ports and connectivity features. This is a very simple, small, efficient computer and is a good choice for the teenagers of this era. The performance of this PC is quite fast and as a home computer, this is one of the good options.

Design & Build

The appearance of this Chromebox 4 is very impressive. The design of this product is very simple and it is only 648 g.

It has got a perfect square body which measures 5.84 inches x 5.84 inches x 1.5 inches.

Being too little in size it can easily be placed at any corner of a room or desk.

The build quality of this product is quite good and being a compact device, this one can easily be placed inside a bag, and can be carried from place to place.

Hence a user can use the same PC in his home and office. This Asus Chromebox 4 supports VESA mounting.

So just by attaching the device to the backside of a monitor one can start his computing. This device is placed upon 4 rubber stands.

To get access to the internal section of the case, one needs to untie the screws, which are placed just beneath the rubber feet.

Then the users can easily upgrade the Ram and SSD section of this product.

Although this PC is very compact, in the stores the buyers can find some other mini PCs which are smaller and lighter than this device.

Examples of such devices are, Intel NUC 11 Pro, Asus mini PC PN5. Gunmetal is the most common color in which this Asus Chromebox 4 is available easily.

There are no RGB lights in this device. The manufacturer has placed some LED indication lights only.

The overall design of Asus Chromebox 3 and Asus Chromebox 4 is almost the same. The edges of this box are rounded up.

The size of this device is the same as the size of the Mac Mini. The entire case is made of plastic.

The USB ports are placed at the two edges of the chassis. For cooling purposes, there is a fan and the quality of this cooling fan is very good.

One can hardly hear any noise while running any low-end task on the device.

But when processing high-end tasks this fan can create some noises. The smart design of this product allows sufficient airflow into the case.


This Asus Chromebox comes with Intel core i3-10110U.

This is a dual-core processor which has a base clocking speed of 2.1 GHz and 4.1 GHz is the maximum clocking speed on which this processor can run.

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For tackling graphical content this device has an Intel UHD 620 chip.

The processor that is used here does not have the capability to smoothly tackle various high-end tasks but for handling everyday computing this processor is strong enough.

Without compromising the speed the device can handle dozens of Chrome tabs very easily.

For this multitasking capability and speed, this product is one of the best options for the teenagers of this generation.

One can get very fruitful performance from this device if he uses this product at his office.

This PC can run very silently and can offer very efficient and speedy results.

The users can also use this product for creating content, editing photos, and to perform multitasking.

They can also use this PC for entertainment purposes and in each field; they will get very satisfying performance from it.

This device is available in three alternative specifications. If the user wants to use this PC only for performing, editing then it is requested to go with the i7 variant of this device.

There he can find more satisfaction. In these i3 variants, the video editors can face lagging.

The interface of the Chrome operating system is far different from windows.

So initially the beginners can face uneasiness when using this OS. But he will be habitual with it after some time.

If you perform your office work in this operating system then you can find many helpful tools that will indirectly reduce your efforts and time.

The software that is used in the Linux operating systems can also be run on this device.

But most of the users prefer to use the Android apps on this PC. Last but not least, gamers have to avoid this deal.

Storage & RAM

The most common problem that we can find in every Chrome book or Chromebox is that their storage capacity is too little.

The fact is also true for this product. The initial storage capacity of this device is 128 GB and that is an SSD.

In this i3 variant of the product, the storage section is upgradable.

So, the users can upgrade the capacity of the storage by replacing the initial M.2 SSD with an alternative of his desired or required capacity.

It is good to remember that the storage upgradation facility is not available on the Celeron version of this product.

The capacity of Ram in this device is 8 GB. This is a DDR4 Ram and can run at a frequency of 2666 MHz.

This Ram section is also upgradable. Such users who are going to use this device for casual or low-end purposes don’t need to upgrade the RAM section.

The others who are going to use this PC for performing moderate tasks are requested to upgrade both of these sections to increase the speed and productivity of the device.

Ports & Connectivity

This Asus Chromebox 4 is well equipped with updated ports. A micro SD card reader is placed at the front side of it.

There are also two USB 3.2 ports and one audio output port. The rest of the USB ports are installed at the rear section of the box.

There are three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. These two particular ports can be used to transfer various contents internally or externally with great speed.

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A USB Type-C port is also present on that side of the box. One VGA port and 2 HDMI ports are present in this device.

Hence the users can attach a total of three displays with this PC at a time. This Chromebox has advanced wireless connectivity.

It comes with dual-band Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and Bluetooth of version 5.2. Gigabit Ethernet connectivity feature is also present in this product.

For everyday computing, these ports and connectivity features are very helpful.

Additional Features

As this device is not a mainstream computer, many users hesitate before choosing it to purchase.

But once the user experiences the features that it is offering at this price range then he will love to buy this device.

This deal does not include any keyboard or mouse. The buyer has to purchase these externally and it is good to use a wireless keyboard and mouse with this device.

It will give the setup a smart look. This PC comes with a warranty period of one year.

What Do Users Think About Asus ChromeBox 4?

According to the users, this Chromebox is a very decent choice, for everyday uses and the performance of this device is very satisfying.

Its advanced connectivity features help them a lot while performing their regular multitasking tasks.

Plenty of users have stated that this is one of the most convenient family machines. It is very easy to use.

For this reason, children, especially teenagers, can easily handle this PC.

An Android user and those who use the Chrome browser regularly can easily operate this device.

The fact that it makes this deal more convenient, is that the users will get updates from the manufacturers up to 2028.

This is a great advantage of this product according to the many users of it.


  • Brand: Asus
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage Type: SSD
  • RAM Type: DDR4
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-10110U
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Processor Speed: 2.10 GHz (base)
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Product Dimensions: 5.84 inches x 5.84 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Operating System: Chrome OS

Other Expert Views has stated that this small versatile simple PC has plenty of updated features that the users will love.

According to, this device’s speedy performance helps to reduce the efforts of the users. has stated that this device is one of the most affordable, power-packed Chrome OS-based PCs which are very suitable for every modern house.

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