COOFUN Desktop Mini PC Review – Price, Specs, Pros & Cons

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  • This device has speed boost up facility which helps a lot the users when they performs high end tasks.
  • Get dual screen HD output.
  • This device’s storage is extendable which is unique at this type of PC.
  • Dual band Wi-Fi also makes stable connectivity with any device.
  • It supports 2 monitors using HDMI and VGA ports at a same time.


  • Not ideal for gaming.
  • There is no option for attaching an external GPU in it.
  • It is very difficult to buy parts of it for repairing purpose.
  • This device cannot run classified, complex applications.
  • The up gradation process is difficult.

If any user is in search of a portable and light weighted device with great performance ability especially in multitasking jobs, then this PC is a good choice for him. Check out COOFUN desktop mini PC review and best offer price

This device offers good storage capacity with reliable Wi-Fi feature in an affordable price. Any device with high configurations consumes more electricity, but with the help of this Mini-PC, the users can eliminate such issues. Check out best desktop computers.

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COOFUN Desktop Mini PC & Variants Price

COOFUN Desktop Mini PC Review by Expert

COOFUN Desktop Mini PC

Buy for: There are several reasons to buy this COOFUN Mini PC device but one of them is that it has great storage facility which is usually not seen on other mini PC devices. The other reason which will impress a buyer is its classy looks and compact design. Besides its great design, it provides impressive performance and it is also available in an affordable price.

Beware of: The performance of product is great but the only drawback of this product is that this device is not able to run complex software and high end games.


Some of the most impressive technology can be found in the mini PC. It shrinks the bulky desktop computer into a small size which can be placed behind your smart TV or can fit in a pocket. Graphics performance of the device is also impressive.

This device includes synthetic benchmarks to measure system speed and graphics capability, as well as number crunching with large data sets to measure processing power. Only a few mini PC comes with such unique features.

Design and Build

This device has been smartly designed and the material which is used in it provides great longevity. Check out Best Desktop Computers for Kids.

The advance design of it makes this device very smart and compact. Besides its compact design this product also provides impressive performance.

This computer has been loaded with a lot of the latest and advanced features that ensure its great performance be maintained at all times.


This device gives far better performance than a normal PC.

It comes with Quad-Core Intel Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 Processor which delivers 1.5 GHz processing speed and this speed can be boosted to 2.3 GHz.

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The device has a processor count of 4. This desktop can easily run 4K videos smoothly.

The processor comes with a cache memory of 2 MB which can boost up its performance.

This product has integrated Intel HD Graphics 500 which gives smooth performance and it can easily satisfy casual or moderate users.

It is able to run any regular software and it flawlessly performs multi-tasking.

Windows 10 Professional of 64 bites and Linux OS are supported in this device which is also one of the unique features of it and the Linux OS gives great protection against virus and bugs.

Storage & RAM

Storage and RAM indicates how much the device is efficient for performing various jobs.

This device comes with 6 GB DDR3 RAM which is also sufficient for internet browsing or performing various multitasking jobs.

This product offers a great storage capacity to the users. It comes with 128 GB Solid State Drive by which users can store their personal data and its storage can be extended up to 2TB.

In order to run that type of storage the PC requires good amount of RAM and the GPU also supports to enhance the performance of the product.

Ports & Connectivity

Number of ports helps any PC to connect various types of devices with it.

This updated and classified product of COOFUN Desktop Mini PC comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port.

1 DC power slot port and 1 HDMI port are also available in this product.

This device comes with wireless Bluetooth connectivity of version 4.2.

An Ethernet connectivity port is also present in this classified product.

Besides Bluetooth feature this device also has fastest built in Wi-Fi feature which can provide speed of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

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This device also has 1 audio output port which is present at the back side of it.

There is also a reset button present in it which is really helpful for the users.

Additional Features

This device comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 year but optical drive is not present in this product.

The shipping weight of this desktop is around 1.3 pounds. Auto power on facility and sleep mode both are present in this product.


What Do Users Think about COOFUN Desktop Mini PC?

This device is very useful for learning and coding purposes.

It is also suitable for the user who plays moderate gaming and edits normal videos. Configurations which are used in this mini PC are much updated.

It is a very suitable product for the kids.

Other Expert Views

According to Techrader, its up-gradable storage facility helps the users a lot as it offers far better storage capacity than others.

According to Tomsguide, dual band Wi-Fi connectivity feature ensures stable connectivity.

Cnet says that its capability of attaching additional storage helps the users very much.

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