Corsair One Pro i180 Desktop Review – Price & Specs

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  • This desktop has got a very fantastic and compact design.
  • The PC can run without creating any irritating noise.
  • Having extremely powerful components, it can offer very stable and powerful performance.
  • This PC is a VR-ready product and it has a USB Type C port.
  • An efficient cooling system is present in this device.


  • This PC is extremely expensive.
  • All components of this product are not easily upgradable and the process is quite complicated for a user.
  • Noticeable coil whine is another drawback of this system.
  • The HDD that is used in this PC is quite slow.
  • It is not a perfect choice for casual usages.

Read Corsair One Pro i180 desktop review and see the price. Corsair One’ is a very popular desktop series that includes mainly high performing systems.

The only word that can be efficient to describe this Corsair One Pro i180 is ‘the Breast’. One other thing that needs to be clarified in the very first part of the article is that it is a very expensive device and there are only a few people who can afford it.

Astounding configurations and the classy design of this product make it very unique. That’s the reason it is priced so high. This device is a gaming system but it doesn’t have a bulky chassis or plenty of RGB lighting like other gaming PCs.

So, it is quite impossible to figure out the power of this device just by seeing it from the outside. The performing capability of it is also similar to that of a workstation.

This desktop can be considered as a tiny, compact workstation, which is always ready to serve the professionals of creative industries and other high end users.

So, it is not just a regular gaming PC, rather we can say it is a workstation PC; almost similar to Apple Mac Pro. This was the main motto of the developers behind configuring this PC.

That’s why this desktop is so expensive. Such workstation-grade components are packed in a slim, compact chassis; this is one of the most inspiring facts about this product.

By using this PC, the users can get an incredibly strong and stable performance.

Corsair One Pro i180 Desktop & Variants Price

Corsair One Pro i180 Desktop Review

Corsair One Pro i180 Desktop

Buy for: It is packed with very updated and efficient components that help it to offer powerful performance in any situation. This powerful PC left a very little footprint and can run almost silently.

Beware of: This product is expensive. One can assemble such a PC for almost half the price of it. The upgradability facility in this device is also complicated.

Best uses for: Gaming, AutoDesk Revit, video editing and other purposes.

Best alternatives: Skytech Chronos and HP Omen 30L


Being a very expensive device, the number of buyers of this device is very limited and it is one of the most powerful desktops of Corsair. It is very compact in size and as powerful as an efficient workstation.

Design & Build

If we observe the trends of gaming PCs, we can find that the chassis of such systems are expanding day by day; as the size of the GPUs is expanding and more elaborated cooling systems, larger RGB lightings are slowly grasping the market.

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There are only a few compact gaming systems available in the stores, and among them, this Corsair One Pro i180 desktop is the thinnest and strongest product.

In a minuscule chassis, the company has managed to put such powerful elements in a perfect order. The chassis is quite tiny and looks pretty.

The outer surface is made from aluminum. The RGB bars that run vertically up to the faceplate, give a great contrast to the gunmetal grey of the chassis, it helps to enhance the external beauty of the device.

This simple design makes this product outfit quite attractive. To decrease the volume of the near bottom of the cabinet, the designers have checkered the side panels with tiny triangles.

This special aspect in the design provides an impression of motion. To make this illusion more prominent, the company has added a classified top panel.

This unique aggressive design gives the product an industrial look. By using Corsair’s iCue software the users can fully customize the color of the RGB tubes.

These RGB tubes are used not only for decorating purposes; these tubes can indicate the inner temperature of the chassis.

If it generates a soothing blue color that indicates it is running in optimal condition. If it starts blinking an ominous red color that means the system has faced some uneasy situations.

For free air ventilation, there are some grilles on the both side panels. Besides these ventilation grilles there is a cooling fan placed at the top panel of the chassis and the major cooling is done by the installed liquid cooling system.

If you are a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can find many superficial similarities between the design of this product and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ultron.


One of the key aspects that a buyer usually considers before purchasing any desktop is the performance of the product.

In this respect, the design plays a significant role but if the performance of the product is not satisfying then the users usually skip the product from buying.

We already know that this PC has updated components. So, every user wants a lightning fast performance from it.

There is no doubt that this product offers powerful and stable performance, but if we consider its specifications and pricing, then its performance is unable to fulfill one’s expectations.

This PC comes with the Intel Core i9-9920X. This is a twelve-core processor. The base frequency of this updated processor is 3.50 GHz.

The maximum clocking speed that can be reached by this processor is up to 4.5 GHz.

To run for a long time, with such a high clocking speed, the desktop requires a sufficient cooling system.

So, the developers have attached a patented assisted convection liquid cooling system to it.

The multitasking performing capability of this computer is beyond the imaginations of the users.

This device can smoothly handle multitasking jobs of any kind, size, or difficulty level.

To smoothly tackle down the high graphical data, this PC uses the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card.

This GPU is enlisted in the top 10 powerful GPUs of this time. To tackle most of the updated games even at 4K resolutions, this graphics card is one of the best options.

It can generate very realistic and prominent visuals as it has the real-time Ray Tracing facility.

To perform various professional level high graphical tasks, like HD video editing or rendering or to create any 3D model or to use Autodesk Revit or for streaming 4K contents live, this GPU is very efficient.

Moreover, we can say that this graphics card is one of the best options for the high end users till now. On the other hand, this GPU section of this PC has the upgradability facility but it is quite complicated.

So, later the user can modify this section according to his requirements. The gaming performance of this computer is of moderate level.

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It can run with 60 plus fps, even with 4K contents, but it is unable to offer more than 65 fps with its initial configurations.

This refresh rate is quite good to get satisfactory visuals while playing or streaming real time games. In some specific games, this PC lags far behind; one of the examples of such a game is Metro Exodus.

In this specific game, this PC faces hurdles even to generate more than 28 fps. This advanced desktop of Corsair is pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro.

To get the best outcome from this device, most of the users use the most updated versions of Windows 10 in it.

Storage & RAM

These two sections of any desktop are reasonable for data processing; indirectly the multitasking ability of any device is entirely dependent upon these two sections.

This compact, advanced and updated device of Corsair is equipped with 32 GB DDR4 RAM. This primary memory is very sufficient at its work.

It can easily run many applications at the same time. While performing various multitasking operations, one can experience the enormous power of the device.

The users can smoothly run the latest version of Windows 10 in this product and the booting time of this PC is very little.

In this prospect, the SSD of this device plays a very crucial role. The M.2 NVMe SSD that is used in this desktop has a capacity of 960 GB.

For storing various large files the users can use the 2 TB HDD which is also present in it.

The rotational speed of this traditional HDD is not very promising; it is only 5,400 RPM.

It is advised to install all the software in the SSD to get a promising and speedy performance.

Ports & Connectivity

The ports and connectivity section of this PC is not so advanced and being a compact desktop, this PC is unable to offer ample numbers of USB ports.

It can disappoint those who search for a lot of USB ports on their PC. At the front side of the chassis, the users can locate two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports.

Besides these, there is a headset jack and an HDMI 2.0 port. This HDMI port is very useful to those who need to connect a VR headset with it.

At the rear side of the chassis, there are four USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, dual Ethernet jacks, two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, and one between these two ports is a Type-C port and the other one is a Type-A port.

A full set of audio ports are also located at the rare side of the chassis. Three display ports are offered from the graphics card’s end.

So the professionals can multiply their productivity by attacking multiple monitors to this system.

To get the most prominent VR outcome the users can use HTC Vive, or Microsoft Mixed Reality, or Oculus Rift.

For wireless connectivity, the users can use the inbuilt 802.11ac 2 x 2 Wi-Fi or the inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional Features

As we can see, this advanced, slim desktop of Corsair is packed with powerful components, and to bring the best outcome from these configurations, it becomes mandatory to maintain the inner temperature of the chassis to a certain limit.

While fulfilling this objective the developers have to deal with another thing that is the noise generated from the cooling fans.

So, the developers went with an advanced liquid cooling system.

By using this type of cooling system they solved both the problems and the GPU section and the CPU section got separate and dedicated liquid cooling.

So, the Autodesk Revit users and the other users can use this PC for a long time without facing any lagging or heating issues.

Now the PC can run almost silently and the inner temperature of the chassis is also always at a limit.

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There is also a 140 mm fan located at the top of the chassis.

The cooling system is so efficient that the users can play any real-time game in it for more than 18 hours nonstop and without facing any heating issue.

The major drawback of this PC is its high price tag. While upgrading or modifying this PC, the users can face problems, to find out the perfect alternative of the damaged component or he has to visit the official service center of the company.

A conditional two-year’s hardware warranty is attached with this product. This expensive desktop is also upgradable.

But we have to remember that Corsair One Pro i180 is a very compactly designed system and the components are fitted in it in an uncommon way.

So, its upgradation process is also a little bit complex in comparison to the other regular computers.

The manufacturer has chosen a unique design to offer an upgrade facility to the buyers of this PC.

To get access into the inner section of the desktop, the user needs to press the release button that is located at the rear side of the chassis and then he can pull up the upper lid of the chassis.

With the upper lid, the fan that is placed on the top panel will also be unplugged. After that the user needs to unscrew the side panels to get access to the components.

The user may feel difficulties to reach the components as these are packed very tightly inside the chassis but not all.

There are some components that the users can easily reach and can replace or upgrade.

Such sections are the RAM section, hard drive section, the processor etc. But the user can’t easily upgrade the motherboard or GPU section of this product, himself.

To upgrade these sections, he needs to visit the Corsair’s customer care point or needs to hire an expert’s hand.

One of the best parts of this expensive product is that at least it has an upgrade facility; that’s the main reason that the experts call it ‘a future-proof workstation.


What Do Users Think About Corsair One Pro i180?

The users who use it for performing severe multitasking jobs are the most satisfied buyers of this product.

The professionals of other fields are also quite satisfied but this PC is unable to satisfy the very high end gamers mainly for the ‘fps problem’ mentioned above.

And to every buyer, this PC seems to be overpriced. Check out Corsair One Manual.

Other Expert Views

According to TechRadar, this PC is very highly priced and it is a very powerful system packed in a simple classy chassis.

Pcgamer has said that it is an extremely compact PC. In comparison to its specifications, its performance is below the standard and its price is too high.

Pcmag has stated that this compactly designed and very expensive desktop is always ready to perform any moderate task fluently and almost silently.

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