CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Review – Pros & Cons

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  • Intel next generation processor
  • GTX 1080 graphics will empower gaming aspects
  • Windows installed within SSD
  • Strong built in from US
  • A high end game runs without hiccups


  • Liquid cooling malfunctioning
  • Processor gets over heated
  • Bit expensive
  • Body is little bulkier
  • Takes more space compare to mini boxes.

Most of the sincere gamers and professional tech geeks look for branded desktops, since they are familiar with the reliable features offered by several brands. Read CUK Trion custom gaming PC review carefully before purchase.

But the real picture is not the same in the global market. Some of the relatively less popular brands of electronic gadgets are rapidly introducing newer and latest features to retain their existence.

And obviously they are trusted too in terms of product quality and durability, buyers may not know unless & until they work on the devices.

Such reference is here to highlight the fact that CUK Trion custom gaming PC review will show how it is a similar computer manufacturer, striving to build a powerful position in the worldwide computer industry.

The company is highly efficient to deliver premium gaming PC series to add to the upgraded PC line and to motivate the users in more gaming.

The present blog is going to set special emphasis on CUK Trion custom gaming PC, its specs and features and user perspectives. Check out best desktop computers.

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC & Variants Price

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Review

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Review

How can you be so sure that CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC is ideal for your gaming styles and expertise? What are the parameters to take into account for assessing its power and limitations?

Needless to say, they are processor, graphics power, RAM, hard disk, ports and upgradability after all. And in terms of every key feature mentioned above, the CUK Trion is a professional gaming platform.

As its appearance of red & black combination is absolutely amazing, so are the internal and performance qualities of this tower desktop.

It comes with the best & latest VR Ready features to create an ideal gaming atmosphere around the users. To fulfill your dream of having a smart gaming PC, this custom device will be one of the great choices.

It is designed not only to meet your current gaming needs, but to serve for your purposes in the distant future too as well. It has all the essential options to go for a customization if required afterwards. Read more about what are best gaming PC?

Specs Details:

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CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Brand Reliability

CUK or Computer Upgrade King is one of the most promising companies to provide high-end gaming desktops and laptops. They aim to offer cost-excellent computers with a higher level of customization to cater to the needs of widespread customers.

The company pays considerable attention to designing as well as providing stable and useful gaming desktops that can exceed the competition.

This USA based company is partnered with several biggest suppliers, for instance, Intel Platinum Provider, Lenovo, Samsung and many others.

The brand is really the King in the industry of computer upgrades all across the world. They are the leading providers of many upgrades including RAM, processors, graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, display, Bluetooth, operating system etc.

At the same time, they offer these upgrades to an extensive range of computers including gaming desktops too.

Similarly, CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC is having all sorts of gaming-oriented features and uncompromising quality to become absolutely credible to you. Read more about 10 best pc brands.



The CUK Trion is built with 8th Gen new Intel Core i7-8700K processor, which can increase turbo speeds up to 4.70GHz.

This hexa-Core processor ensures expert level PC gaming and hence it is air cooled, unlocked as well as overclock able.

The performance of an efficient gaming PC is boosted up with six cores for ultra-high processing capacity.

The CUK Trion is also empowered with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology to assure higher performance level for smooth gaming and 4K video making & sharing as well.

The Intel Optane memory is there in the unit to make the desktop incredibly responsive at times. The entire system is pervaded with amazing VR experiences.

Just like other gaming PCs, brilliant processing power is the way to acquiring a perfect platform to turn VR experiences of the user magnificent.

Here too, the processor is united with high-performance graphics, audio, I/O connectivity, internal memory & other important specs to perform fast and smooth.


CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Design

The CUK Trion is truly bold and stylish in terms of appearance. It comes with asymmetrical, cutting-edge design to lure your eyes and mind as well.

Moreover, the amalgamation of red and black accent color has made its look more unique and spectacular from all directions.

The system owns a big, crystal-clear window to display the internal components, such as, the layout of Direct Airflow Path and Mystic Light attribute. The Direct Airflow Path setting delivers fantastic cooling inside by removing unwanted drive bays.

The angular & trendy design of the CUK Trion really stands apart from its competitors. The panoramic window screen gives a sharp look to its exterior.

In order to provide superior airflow, the desktop contains 4 LED built-in fans and a top fan along with fan controller.

The chassis is built by Corsair Carbide Series along with Red LED Lighting. Considering all these unique yet essential features, we can say that this gaming PC is a luxury for intense gamers.


CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Custom Gaming PC

Sometimes custom gaming PCs can be much more beneficial than the pre-built gaming PCs. You can build such gaming PCs based on your exact requirements.

If you are an expert gamer and know every technical part related to the PC setting, you can choose a custom gaming PC as well.

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Custom-built gamin desktops enable the users to opt for and choose rightly what goes into the unit as per their desires and gaming requirements.

At the same time, custom gaming PC is durable enough to work for several years with its powerful hardware. The CUK Trion is such a gaming PC to make your gaming skill reach the next level.

It offers all the facilities and huge incentive to carry on with world-leading gaming titles like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield 1, Hitman, & Call of Duty etc. It is for sheer entertainment, absolute thrill and all gaming fanatics all over the globe.

Graphics Quality

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Graphics Quality

One cannot skip the aspect of graphical power while highlighting the features of a gaming PC in detail.

Combined with Intel processor, ultra-high graphics card becomes the heart of any high-end gaming desktop. CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC houses Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics processor.

This dedicated graphics card has the RAM of 8 GB to deliver fluid gaming performance. This new generation graphics processor is able to provide better performance than the graphics card of previous generation.

In addition to that, the graphics card is reinforced with latest innovative gaming technologies and smart VR experiences. Belonging to Pascal series, it offers top notch performance and improved power consumption along with increased frame rate and less lag as well.

The graphics card also provides better heat dissipation to assure a cooling ambience inside. For such powerful graphics quality, the CUK Trion is able to support several high-level trendy games, you are obsessed with.

Storage & Memory

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Storage &

The memory and storage features of this gaming PC also deserve huge applause. The desktop is well equipped with NVMe Solid State Drive of 500GB and hard disk drive of 2 TB.

Such huge capacity of hard disk storage in this system allows the users to create a large gaming library, holding the collection of favourite games.

As for RAM, the CUK Trion is still a beast. The gaming desktop is having 32 GB DDR4 memory to promise fastest performance without any hiccups.

It has the memory speed of 2400 MHz as well. This immense RAM size is extremely ideal for multiple gaming and multitasking needs. Read more about 10 best business pc list.


CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Storage &

This model can be easily customized for various upgrades and gaming empowerment. You can check out the table below which will let you know the variants and customization concepts. This VR ready

Dual GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB 1000W PSU
GTX 1080 Ti 11GB 600W PSU
GTX 1080 8GB 500W PSU

Additional Specs

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Additional Specs Computer

How you will enjoy by PC gaming can also depend on the nature of motherboard to some extent. The CUK Trion gaming desktop contains MSI Z370-A Pro motherboard for utmost security, durability and reliability.

This Military Class 5 certified motherboard ensures stable & complete PC performance under intense gaming conditions. The Mystic Light feature is there to let you set up your desired color scheme and customize the motherboard.

Moreover, the PC is configured with CPU Over voltage Protection measures. So that the CPU can be safeguarded from short-circuit and other damages.

The motherboard supports SLI X2 configuration, enabling you to extend the graphics power of the gaming desktop in future.

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You can expect silent & cooling performance from this PC as the CPU is designed with liquid cooling technology. Check out best configurations for gaming PC.

What Do Users Think?

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC User Viewpoints

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Users’ feedback truly accelerates one’s decision to achieve the product. Most of the users who have had different experiences with CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC presented their positive & valuable reviews online.

According to them, this gaming desktop is a wonderful blend of high-performance processor and advanced graphics power.

While offering multiple exclusive amenities, this CUK Trion is designed for expert gamers, regardless of age. As per their shared experiences, kids also take fun and feel exciting at the time of gaming on this PC.

It undeniably looks great and performs the gaming at highest speed rate. Because of its graphical extremes and VR Ready features, the desktop can successfully run all kinds of graphically rich gaming titles at an immense resolution too as well.

Some of the users have found it impressive enough for game play recording.

Sometimes the system might cause overheating issues to make the computer crash while gaming for longer times. This may not be a bigger concern, however.

After long-term and hefty usage for years, the problem may arise to some extent. Overall, as per users say, the CUK Trion holds immense ability to compete with other renowned gaming desktops.

The ports and other configurations in this PC have been highly appreciable by innumerable customers and enthusiastic PC gamers. Read more about what is CUK.

Verdict from Our Expert

CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC Final Verdict Computer

If we peep into the detailed features and configurations of CUK Trion Custom Gaming PC, we can understand the goals of the company.

This specific custom gaming desktop is absolutely user-friendly and configured to surmount the minimum criteria required for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Apart from being engrossed in virtual reality of gaming, you will be able to utilize the desktop for several business applications and multitasking with great comfort.

This Military Class 5 certified motherboard ensures stable & complete PC performance under intense gaming conditions.

The Mystic Light feature is there to let you set up your desired color scheme and customize the motherboard.

We consider it as a versatile custom desktop and one of the best gaming PCs as ever.

Being a VR Ready gaming PC, it comes at less expensive rate than many other contemporary brands.

Still it is not for those who are on a tight budget and looking for a smart gaming PC.

The panoramic window screen gives a sharp look to its exterior. In order to provide superior airflow, the desktop contains 4 LED built-in fans and a top fan along with fan controller.

The chassis is built by Corsair Carbide Series along with Red LED Lighting.