CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Review

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  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Champion's choice
  • Optimized For Gaming by Direct 12
  • VR Ready Premium Computer
  • Intel core i5 Processor


  • USB 3.1 gen 2 type C connector is not present
  • Bit expensive
  • Sometimes get hanged up
  • Not avialble always
  • Cooling is not so fast.

CyberpowerPC is a reputed computer manufacturer and retailer. Today we will look into CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 desktop review and performance details.

The American company is widely known for their specialization in high-performance and low-cost hardware that go into making of gaming PCs.

The maker has introduced some of the most popular gaming PCs in the recent time. Check out Best CyberpowerPC Gaming Desktops List.

This write-up is an inclusive and incisive review of Gamer Panzer PVR106 desktop gaming PC from the American brand. Today we will analyze CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Review.

This gaming system will force you to dig deep into your pocket. That implies it is within reach of only the affluent gaming enthusiasts.

The question is if the system is worth commanding such an exorbitant figure. Let us take a tour together of the gaming desktop to find out if it has all the makings for your consideration. Check out best desktop PC according to needs.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 & Vasriants Price

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CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Review

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC Review2

Cyberpower is a trustworthy name if it comes to hardware components.

The company vows to toss only the top-end items in every compartment to ensure that the users enjoy optimized performance subject to their spending.

They have powered the gaming PC with powerful i5-7600K quad-core processor.

It comes bundled with Intel H110 chipset and 2 TB hard drive. The combination is the stepping-stone for powerful performance.

Specs Details:



The system is a fine pick for both gaming as well as overall execution. Performance apart, the system also deserves a mention for its unusual and striking look. Overall simplicity is catchy.

The company logo is planted on one side. The chassis features smart and sleek finishing. It is not a lightweight system. Instead, it will take some space to sit comfortably on your desktop.

The system offers a good amount of space to store files, movies and games. The gaming model integrates an 8GB RAM. The manufacturer could have improved on that front.

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However, it will not be a hitch for quick booting. A dedicated graphic card assembled in the box makes sure that the users will enjoy quality visual experience while playing high-end games and watching movies.

The gaming PC comes packed with a USB 7-color gaming keyboard and a mouse.

For those in favor of some bling in a gaming PC, it will be a worthy purchase. Read more about 10 best gaming desktop.


CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC Review2

Truly speaking, this CyberpowerPC gamer Panzer desktop machine produces killer performance. If you are smitten by its look, performance will leave you amazed. It has surpassed the wildest expectations of many gaming enthusiasts.

The i5 quad-core processor empowers the system and makes it speedy. Whether it is a creative work, game or daily task, the users always expect smooth performance and on this front, this PC will not let them down.

We put it through our speed tests for high-end games and it passed with flying colors.

The powerful processor, top-end motherboard and spacious hard drive make a great combo to deliver performance to suit and satisfy all of your gaming needs.

However, the maker doesn’t stop here and has gone further to make it a complete gaming system. So, they have punched a high-end graphics card inside.

CyberpowerPC has relied on AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB Video Card to create an outstanding visual appeal for the gaming audiences.

Excellent clarity and brightness will keep you thrilled from start to finish. No distortion is a guarantee and that will take your gaming experience to an insane height.

Primarily designed for playing games, it is actually a multitasking PC. You can do your daily works as well as video editing and other graphical tasks on it. However, one is unlikely to spend such a hefty price on a PC to do simple computing works. Read top 10 pc brands this year.

Build & Design

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC Build & Design

The customers always prefer a strongly built system, as it gives them a rock-solid assurance of durability. The gaming desktop from CyberpowerPC feels sturdy and premium.

The manufacturer has crafted an innovative and interesting design without overdoing. They have successfully packaged sophistication through overall simplicity and that is the hot trend these days.

They have kept themselves aligned with the tradition if color is concerned. Grey and little bit of red make it appealing. A gaming PC needs not to be boring in design and this model has proved it beyond doubt.

The side panel made of tempered glass has added a glossy touch to the box and also made it long-lasting.

Excellent clarity and brightness will keep you thrilled from start to finish. No distortion is a guarantee and that will take your gaming experience to an insane height.

Memory & Storage


For a gaming PC to cater to expectation of the hard-core gamers, it must have powerful processor, high memory and enough storage space in the box. This desktop system comes with an 8 GB DDR4 RAM.

Off course, you can expect more at this price but that won’t be a problem for the system to boot quickly. If needed, there is an option for upgrade.

Coming to storage, the maker has fitted a 2048 GB Mechanical hard drive into the box. That allows you to save a good number of images, movies, games and other files.

Still, you will find a lot of free space on your hard drive. The drive rotates at the speed of 7200 rpm. It indicates you can easily retrieve information on demand.

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Other Specifications

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC Other Specifications

The spec list is long and interesting. We have already discussed about its main components. Let us now come to other features that feel like a cherry on the cake.

The system features an array of ports for insertion and extension. The desktop model is equipped with 1HDMI, I display port, 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0. In addition, it also houses one RJ-45 Ethernet.

The keyboard does not feel smooth. They also complain about its being noisy. A few have also suggested that the maker could have packaged a better mouse with the system. Read more about top 10 business pc.


CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC Warranty

The gaming model carries a solid warranty on it. The buyers will get a 1-year Parts & Labor warranty in addition to free lifetime technical support.

That sounds good as technical problems may crop up if you are using a system for a long time.

What Do Users Think?

Customers’ Opinion On CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC

Our experts have talked to few users and compiled their opinion about this product.

Users always have the last say if a new model is good or bad. The manufacturer is successful in their effort of making a model if it draws appreciation from most buyers. Going by that rule, it is a wonderful gaming desktop PC from Cyberpower.

The users are speaking plainly in praise of its design. The system feels premium in every aspect. The design is neat and clean. The color is classic and the lighting is very smart.

Most users have expressed their satisfaction over its design and performance. For them, its design is brilliant and performance is extraordinary. To put it straight, the gaming PC is a top scorer in both departments.

One can play almost any game on it. Keep the settings at the highest limit while playing memory-hungry games. The system offers flawless performance.

The gamers can play online as well as save games on their hard drive. The HDD with storing capacity of 2TB allows you to save multiple games, movies and other files. An 8GB RAM ensures speedy booting. If you do think it is not enough, upgrade is allowed.

Some users complain a little about noisy fan. However, the noise is not irritating. The fan produces noise but it is almost inaudible.

You can easily ignore the sound. In fact, once you get busy with works, it will hardly feel disturbing. They have no issues while activating the Windows 10 software.

The PC offers a complete experience for both gaming and entertainment. For the users, the excitement of playing games or watching movies on such a high-end system is less likely to put in words.

The spec list is simply mind-blowing. A dedicated graphics card has been inserted into the box and it is a wonderful addition to ensure visual extravaganza for the gamers.

Though designed for the gamers, one can easily do multimedia works like video editing etc on the system and the performance feels superb.

Fitted with multiple ports, the system allows the users to plug external devices as per their gaming needs. However, most consumers are unhappy about the gaming keyboard.

They think the mouse is fine but the same cannot be said about the keyboard. Some users have gone further to claim that such a lackadaisical keyboard is no match for a fantastic desktop.

The keyboard does not feel smooth. They also complain about its being noisy. A few have also suggested that the maker could have packaged a better mouse with the system.

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Our Verdict

Our Verdict On CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Panzer PVR1060 Desktop Gaming PC

The gaming system was put through multiple performance tests and it made us super happy. Let us first start with its cool and catchy look. It looks smart but not garish.

Its design is simple yet classy. A subtle touch with LED lighting makes it more captivating. It feels nice to see the interior of your desktop, thanks to the amazing placement of LED lights. The color looks cool and sophisticated. The tower shell is clean and the tempered glass side panel looks fascinating.

Design apart, durability is another important concern. The CyberpowrePC gaming system impresses on that front as well. Its body is made of premium material and feels strong.

It is not a very heavy machine but it will last longer. The chassis wears a professional look and its well-built body is capable of surviving heavy use and long-time abuse.

Coming to performance, we are truly overwhelmed by what it produces during the tests. On that ground, the gaming desktop is no less than a monster.

Run it for an hour or a long stretch of time, you cannot help but fall in love with the system. It performs with ease and without flaws. Not for a second, you will feel the system is sluggish.

The gaming system is perfect for all kinds of works, from gaming to multimedia. It is equally efficient in offering an exhilarating gaming performance and immersible multimedia experience.

Speed is the highlight of its brilliant performance. Inclusion of a high-end and dedicated graphic card into the interior adds to speed and takes your visual delight to the next level.

The fan produces noise but it is almost inaudible. You can easily ignore the sound. Another striking feature about the desktop system is it remains almost cool even after being turned on for several hours. Thanks to improved thermal efficiency, the gaming system generates only negligible amount of heat.

The most frustrating point about this CyberpowerPC model is about its keyboard. Though most users are not very much vocal about its mouse, still some complain that it is not good either. According to them, scrolling up and down feels a little bit jittery and they have gone for a replacement.

As far keyboard is concerned, you will not enjoy a smooth feel while typing. A high chance is that your fingers will get stuck into the grooves between the keys.

In fact, the gaming keyboard is a big drawback and many users are likely to go for an early replacement. . A dedicated graphic card assembled in the box makes sure that the users will enjoy quality visual experience while playing high-end games and watching movies.

If we overlook the accessory part (keyboard and mouse), it is a perfect piece. In terms of design, interior, speed, image quality and overall performance, it deserves a place with the top echelons. In a word, there are several reasons to feel happy with the purchase.