HP Envy 795 Desktop Review – Pros, Cons, Features

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  • Processor powerful
  • Graphics is also great
  • Perfect support
  • Available in the market
  • Data Storage


  • Sometimes there is issue in board
  • Laud fan
  • Hard to assemble
  • Not fit for high end developers
  • Issue for high end games also

We live in a “Digital World” and with so much happening in this space; you need the very best equipment and technology to meet the extremely high standards of the business and the corporate world. Check out HP Envy 795 Desktop review.

Most businesses indeed need the very best office desktop computers irrespective of the industry it is in.

However, in the case of certain companies, there may be a specific need of having a high-end graphics card or high amounts of system memory for large data storage.

To match these specific needs a mini-computer or laptop is not sufficient. Instead, there is the requirement of highly advanced desktop computers which single-handedly can take care of all these specific technical needs.

When it comes to Desktop Computers we usually assume the same to be the simple ones which are usually used in our homes. These have simple configurations and generally used for simple jobs.

However, for businesses, the computing jobs which are needed are much larger and complex. These are computing jobs which simple desktops are incapable of handling.

This is what brought about the development of Tower Desktop Computers. The Tower Desktop Computers are more advanced versions.

These are much more convenient to upgrade in comparison to Personal Computers (PCs). Besides the Side Panels of these computers are ones which can easily be removed and thereafter be repaired and re-installed.

It is owing to these major benefits that the Tower Desktop Computers offer that they are now being preferred and being installed and used in most of the businesses and corporate houses. Check out best desktop computers list.

HP Envy 795 Desktop & Variants Price

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HP Envy 795 Desktop Review

If you are looking for a really powerful computer system at your workplace or at your home you would be happy to know that the HP Envy 795 Desktop is loaded with a host of the most advanced features and offers some really useful functionality.

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All these combine to deliver a seamless performance which is now the top priority for efficiently running businesses in the current age.

This phenomenal computer is the one which would enable you to create stunning content and also help in showcasing a new arena in entertainment.

This HP Desktop computer uses the latest 8th generation Intel Core Processor. In terms of graphics, you can have the AMD Radeon(TM) RX 550. All these combine to create the most captivating multimedia experience.

Apart from this it also has been designed to give this computer a really sleek and sophisticated look. Along with this computer also offers great storage of 1 TB. Besides, there is also the latest Windows 10 as the user interface.

With connectivity being a priority in the current web scenario you would also have solid connectivity as well.

Specs Details:


If you are considering investing heavily in any computer system, the first and foremost consideration is for certain brand reliability.

Known to all HP is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the field of computer systems without a doubt. Check out best desktop brands list.

The great thing about HP is that it offers a very diverse range of computer products most of which are very popular in this highly competitive tech world.

You could avail a wide range of the most advanced desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, printers all of which are designed to create a high level of performance at all times.


HP Envy 795 Desktop Performance

The HP Envy 795 is powered by the 8th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 Processor. This enables this PC to ensure smooth responsiveness and fast loading time.

This is what provided the users with exceptional user experience. Apart from this computer is simply great for the graphically demanding projects and for gaming.

The reason is that it has theAMD Radeon(TM) RX 550. Along with this, the computer has a memory of 12 Giga Bytes and 1 TB HDD Storage.

With the operating system of Windows 10 Pro, this computer ensures seamless performance, which would surely enhance the quality of any work which you might do on this highly advanced computer system.

It is because of its superb performance it is sought by many worldwide.


HP Envy 795 Desktop Design

For any computer system, its design is a key factor which determines its buying. The HP Envy 795 Desktop Computer has been designed in a way that is indeed very captivating.

It has been designed in a unique way that provides this computer system with a highly sophisticated and sleek look.

This is bound to match the aesthetics of any modern office or home. The other great thing about the design is that it is very compact and can be kept in a small space.

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The computer design is what blends looks with great functionality as well. It has been designed to have a brushed aluminum bezel along with some stylish rounded edges.

The best part about this highly advanced desktop computer from HP is that it has been so designed that it performs equally well as it very stylish and elegant looks.

One great part of its design in regard to performance is that it offers rock-solid connectivity which is very critical in the current web scenario.

Owing to the latest 802.11 a/c and (2×2) WLAN Adapter and Blue Tooth 4.2 you can have this powerful computer connected through Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth almost instantly.


HP Envy 795 Desktop Storage

In an age when applications are bulky, the storage of the computers and other devices are very critical indeed.

In fact, one of the primary reasons why often computers become obsolete is due to lack of sufficient storage.

This you need not worry with the HP 795 Envy Desktop Computer. The reason is that it has been provided with 1 TB Hard Disk Drive Storage.

So you with so much of storage space available in this computer you need not worry about growing your collection of digital movies, songs, and pictures.

Apart from this in terms of the SSD Storage, the computer has 128 GB Plce- Fash Storage. This is much faster than other traditional Laptop hard drives.

Additional Features

HP Envy 795 Desktop Additional Features

Dual display Support: In terms of features, the HP Envy 795 Desktop is loaded with the most advanced ones. However, over some of the generally used features, this computer offers a Dual Display Support. The Additional Display is what provides a unique and greater immersive experience which is bound to overwhelm the users.

Addons: Along with this the computer also has a Rewritable DVD Writer, DD4 Ram options and the USB 3.0 Connector. These combine to provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience and also boost your performance.

Besides, there is also the latest Windows 10 as the user interface. With connectivity being a priority in the current web scenario you would also have solid connectivity as well. Apart from this, there is also the Rewritable DVD Drive which is very useful indeed.

As a Gaming Desktop

HP Envy 795 Desktop As a Gaming Desktop

Given the immensely demanding business demands especially given the growth in the online space, you need powerful computer systems.

The first and foremost is the powerful 8th Generation Intel Core Processor for fast computing & AMD graphics for brilliant gaming.

The computer system also has a huge storage capacity as well. Thus it is ideal for storing bulk amounts of data needed for the gamers of the modern era.

The HP Support Assistant is also what helps it be a great workstation for gamers  as well. The next important factor as a Work Station is that it offers fast connectivity as well.

Photo & Video Editing

HP Envy 795 Desktop For Photo & Video Editing

For AMD Radeon(TM) RX 550 you can have Photoshop LightRoom, Illustrator CorelDraw and Premiere, Adobe After Effect, Pinnacle Studio and more.

These can be easily used by anyone who is looking for photo editing and video editing concepts. Check out best photo editing desktop computers.

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What Users Are Talking About?

What Users Talking About HP Envy 795 Desktop

One very effective way to assess any product is the product reviews given by its users.

As a prospective buyer, you can easily access any such reviews on the popular e-commerce platforms on which such products are being sold.

You can do the same with this HP Desktop computer as well. Many users are quite happy with the performance of this computer, especially with the graphics which it offers.

So in terms of user reviews to this is a good product to invest in if that is what you are considering. Check out HP Envy 795 User Manual.

Other Experts View

Other Experts Review On HP Envy 795

According to Notebookcheck.net the design is similar to the HP Pavilion gaming desktop. The envy towers are having both mix of AMD and Intel support in the CPU. With the help of the 8 generation Intel support it can now touch the sky with it.

In fact this type of upgrade is totally making it an hit of all. It can definitely handle both productivity and gaming at the same time. With the best processor and RAM support it is definitely offering you the best of all. The 1 TB HDD is no doubt offering the best option for it.

According to kickofftech.com, this item is no doubt giving you a best kick in terms of the features it is possessing. Anyone can be easily grab it as a best option. You can definitely compare it with other brands and then decide on to it.

Toptenreviews thinks it is having a powerful processor and the memory capacity of it is regularly offering perfect integrated graphics. In fact to be honest it is definitely giving you a best investment return. You can definitely buy it and it is offering you best results to.

Our Verdict

Our Verdict for the HP Envy 795

If you are thinking of upgrading of your existent current computer set up to a more advanced one then the HP Envy 795 Desktop is surely what you must consider.

With a very sleek and elegant design, this computer is one which offers great performance on all fronts. The Operating System of Windows 10 is what is very user-friendly and helps to enhance the user experience much folds.

In fact this type of upgrade is totally making it an hit of all. It can definitely handle both productivity and gaming at the same time. With the best processor and RAM support it is definitely offering you the best of all.

Besides the 8th Generation Intel core Processor which makes it very fast. If you are into graphical oriented work, then this computer is perfect.

Apart from this, it offers rock-solid connectivity as well, which means accessing it easily is no problem.

All in all, therefore, the HP Envy 795 Desktop is bound to provide to with thoroughly satisfying user experience. Thus considering all the factors it is surely the desktop of the current generation to meet the present computing needs.