ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano Plus Silent Mini PC Review

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  • Passively Cool
  • CPU performance
  • Affordable
  • Silent operation
  • Nice small form factor


  • No IR receiver
  • Slow SD card reader
  • No 2x2 WLAN options
  • No M.2 SSD support or Thunderbolt 3
  • Availability is rare

No matter what computer you buy, whether it is a mini PC or a normal one, you would realize that involves an investment. Check out ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano Plus Silent mini PC Review and best offer price.

It is obvious that you would choose the one which delivers consistent performance and is very reliable. When it comes to the ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano Plus Silent mini PC is one of the most reliable mini PCs in its category.

Loaded with a host of all the latest features, it is strong, silent, and fast which is suited to meet any of the current web needs.

It is a versatile computer that is very portable at the same time. One great advantage of this mini PC is that it is very customizable to meet multiple needs of the user. On various fronts, this mini PC is very reliable indeed.

ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano Plus Silent Mini PC & Variants Price

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ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano Plus Silent Mini PC Review

ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano Plus Silent Mini PC

Buy For: Passively Cool | CPU performance

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Beware Of: Reboot issues


When it comes to Mini PCs there are many which you could choose from. So choosing the right one may seem quite confusing at times. You would want something that is quite portable and strong. At the same time, you would want it to perform silently, efficiently and it must be versatile to meet varied computing news.

The good news is that this ZOTAC mini PC. It also has the Fan-Less passive cooling, which enables it to stay cool even if it operates for a long time. So no matter which aspect you look at it, this mini pc is ideal to meet your computing needs and thus an ideal, if the same suits your budget.

Design & Build

In terms of design & build the ZOTAC ZBOX has been very smartly designed. The design is such that it is very compact and small.

However owing to its compact size, the performance does not get compromised in any way. Owing to the small size it is very portable.

On the other hand, it has been designed to be very strong and durable too. Check out Best Budget Mini Desktop PC.

The Mini PC also functions silently. The reason is that it has no moving parts besides the hardware is also fanless.

Provided with the most sophisticated processor it is very fast which most users look for in any current device.

The mini PC has been designed to be very versatile too and is easily customizable to meet specific needs as well.


This Mini PC despite its compact size delivers a high-level of performance that would truly delight you.

It is loaded with all the latest and most advanced features. To begin with, it has the very powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U (quad-core 1.8 GHz, up to 4.0 GHz).

The processor enables the mini pc to generate high speeds that are desired by most modern PC users.

To go along with the same it also has the Intel UHD Graphics 620, Dual Display ready, 4K ready @ 60 Hz, HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2 thus the users can have a great user experience.

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Apart from this, the Mini PC performs silently too owing to its smart design. Much of this has to do with the Fanless passive cooling system that the mini PC has.

The mini PC is also VESA Mountable and is very useful too. The mini PC is very versatile too to meet different computing needs.

Thus everything put together this mini pc can deliver a high level of performance indeed.

Storage & RAM

Given the current advancements in the web scenario, you would look for devices that have high storage and RAM.

Indeed, you cannot expect Mini PCs to have very high storage or RAM.

This particular Mini PC has storage of just 120 2.5-inch SATA-SSD.

Though this might seem to low the storage of 120 GB is quite common in such devices.

Speaking of RAM this Mini PC has the standard 4 GB DDR4 RAM, which is found in most Mini PCs in this category.

Ports & Connectivity

Coming to Ports and Connectivity for this Mini PC, it has the 2 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 5 x USB 3.0 which is again the standard Slot which any Mini PC in this particular category would have.

Apart from this it also has the HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2. On the other hand, you would realize that in this advanced age one is always on the lookout for fast and easy connectivity at all times.

The good news with this Mini PC is that it has the 802.11 AC Wi-Fi and also over Bluetooth 4.2 and Dual Gigabit LAN.

So with this Mini PC from the ZOTAC ZBOX CI660 Nano connectivity is no problem and you can stay connected at all times.

Additional Features

If you are looking for additional features in this MINI PC you would find that the Fanless passive cooling which also enables it to remain cool along with the feature of VESA mountable means that it can easily be hung are the very unique ones.


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What  Do Users Think about ZOTAC ZBOX CI660?

It can be seen that most users are fairly happy with this Mini PC.

Many of the users are very happy with the fact that it is very fast and at the same time quite silent too.

Some also state that it has excellent build quality. But to be honest the CPU could be a bit cooler.

In fact it is seen there is no M.2 SSD support or Thunderbolt 3 and No 2×2 WLAN options.

Other Expert Views

Notebook check experts in the field too are very happy with the overall performance of this Mini PC and suggest buying the same in this particular category. The PC is passively cool and CPU performance is great. Silent cooling makes it much more lucrative but there are some of the hardware hindrances like No 2×2 WLAN options and No M.2 SSD support or Thunderbolt 3.

Anad Tech is also saying a similar thing. It is true that the overall performance is great but the cooling effect and silent features are making it lucrative. No 2×2 WLAN options and No M.2 SSD support or Thunderbolt 3 is making it a hindrance. You can get the best out of it if you are looking for the performance. But there are some of the issues in hardware which you have to bear with it.

Liliputing is agreeing with the power, performance and silent operation. It is definitely giving you a better subjugation in having a powerful processor. The small factor which is actually making it a perfect in all ends to no coil whine noise, Zotac has only few issues with some small units.

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